Accessibility statement

Compiled on 01/04/2024 – By Mirko Montecchiani

The website was built according to the recommendations provided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG 2.0) and with a focus on user experience and responsive layout. The site therefore can be explored and consulted by any type of user, with any device.

There are no elements or deficiencies that preclude its navigation.

Specifically, the site was designed and implemented with proper code semantics, considering each of the following aspects:

  1. Textual alternatives
  2. Audio content, video content, animation
  3. Adaptable
  4. Distinguishable
  5. Accessible by keyboard
  6. Adequate availability of time
  7. Epileptic seizures
  8. Navigable
  9. Readable
  10. Predictable
  11. Assistance with data and information entry
  12. Compatible

Compliance with the above criteria was verified through W3C validators.

The site is perfect in terms of accessibility as of the date of writing this statement or otherwise as of the date of the last revision. If errors are found, as a result of editing or adding content, a report can be sent to the webmaster through the following link:

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The webmaster: Mirko Montecchiani