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Available courses

  • Cross-Border Care

    by Francesco Zanuttin
    0 Lessonsin

    The course helps practitioners welcome "human biodiversity" with curiosity. Deals with intercultural dynamics, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, human rights, ethical reflections on migration, and migration factors such as global warming. He concludes with health issues of migrants on the Balkan route and case studies.

  • Post Traumatic Disorders

    by Luca Burigana
    2 Lessonsin
    Disordini post traumatici

    Their identification and best practices for proper patient support, Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use practical communication tools, safely approach trauma content, and understand diagnostic criteria.

  • Using Teleconsultation

    by Mirko Montecchiani
    1 Lessonin
    Formazione all'utilizzo del teleconsulto

    Training for health and social workers and physicians on using the platform for medical teleconsultation. The program covers fundamental principles, best practices for effective and safe communication, legal and ethical aspects, and practical use of the platform with realistic examples and scenarios.

  • Conflict mediation in health care

    by Matteo Bedin
    0 Lessonsin
    Mediazione dei conflitti

    Through awareness of their emotions, physical gestures, and control of personal stress, health care workers can cope more effectively with challenges during procedures. Breathing and yoga techniques, which are widely integrated into stress management programs, are the basic pillars of this training.

  • Project "OnLine: remote medical care service"

    by Giuseppina Daina
    1 Lesson

    The topics covered in the training delve into some psychological approaches and offer operational insights for Workers, Volunteers and Psychologists to support the life journey of minors in vulnerable situations.