Legal information

By registering on the platform, the user acquires the right to freely access the courses listed there. The user is not authorized to make the educational materials, videos, and contents available to third parties; nor to allow the online course to be attended by people other than those who have authenticated and registered their access with their credentials. Such behavior authorizes the Owner to deactivate the access and usage of the platform, without prejudice to possible legal actions to protect the Association against potential attempts of fraud, copyright infringement, or identity substitution. The site’s contents are protected by copyright, and any reproductions, even partial, as well as links to internal pages, are not permitted without express and formal authorization from the Association and/or the authors of the material posted; with the exception of the poster related to the training events organized.

By subscribing to the teleconsultation app, after being accepted by the Association DONK, the general practitioner or specialist takes notice of and accepts the following terms of use:

  • The consultation given through the app cannot be a substitute for an objective examination or for an on-site visit of the patient. The consultation is given based on the information that the doctor gives live or by videoconference to Donk’s healthcare professional. The final decision on the treatment and on the operations is taken exclusively by the subscriber of the service, who takes on all liabilities of any kind and type, including professional, civil and criminal liabilities; 
  • Therefore, the doctor registered to the teleconsultation app, declares as of now to exempt the Association DONK and every single one of its medical professionals, who offer consultation on a voluntary basis, from any kind of civil, criminal and medical liability connected to the activity taking place. They also exempt the Association from any kind of liability deriving from the total and/or partial failure of the app and of the Internet website:, caused by the total and/or partial lack of the Internet service coverage, through which the service works properly;
  • Furthermore, the subscriber declares to exempt the Association and every one of its professionals from any kind of liabilities caused by the incorrect/improper use, in all its forms, of the internet connection and/or of the tools that use the aforementioned connection;
  • The subscriber takes note that the Association DONK and every one of its doctors who provide teleconsultation shall not have any kind of liabilities towards them or their patients, as well as for any prejudices/ risks/ damages of any kind suffered by both parties and/or by DONK’s medical professionals and/or by the patients.